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2857 Photographs – 2005 Boiler work

A selection of photographs illustrating the work carried out on the boiler during 2005


2857   Burning out the front tube plate rivets.
2857   Punching out copper stays on the throat plate.
2857   Burning out the front three rows of crown stays.
2857   Punching out smoke box rivets.
2857   Burning out crown stays from the outer wrapper.
2857   Removing crown stays. With the stay burnt out from the outer wrapper and the stay nut welded to the stay the majority of the crown stays were removed by unscrewing them from the copper side.
2857   Two of the crown stays after removal. The upper one shows the worst condition (seen on only a handful of those removed), the lower one is more typical.
2857   Drilling out studs from the foundation ring.
2857   Reaming out crown stay holes.

Cutting out the lower section of the firebox outer wrapper.


Tapping crown stay holes.


Drilling new sections of firebox outer wrapper.


Fitting crown stay nuts.


Caulking crown stays.


Cutting out new plate for door plate patch.


The new section of firebox outer wrapper in place ready for welding.

2857   The completed job.

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