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News update May 2009

On Friday the 22nd May the tender was dropped back onto its wheels following mechanical overhaul in a joint effort between full time staff and volunteers. Many thanks to all involved.


Newly white metalled bearing.


One of the journals with engineers blue applied to assist in scraping in the bearing. The blue marks the high spots on the bearing which can then be removed to get an accurate fit to the journal.


Fitting the lubrication pad to one of the axle boxes.


Fitting the keep to one of the axle boxes, note the white metal of the bearing just visible above the end of the axle.


With the tender raised the wheel sets were rolled in and lined up.


Right hand leading (RL) axle box lined up ready for lowering the tender. The spigot on the underside of the spring (top centre of photo) fits into a top plate (yet to be fitted at this stage) on the axle box.


Tender back down to 'normal' level and back on its wheels.


The following weekend the tender was briefly shunted out to the yard.

News update April 2009

Over the past 3 months works has continued on 3 fronts, the boiler, the tender and the loco. The boiler has seen work progress on the left hand door plate patch, the new smoke box, and a number of smaller jobs including completion of a number of mudhole door refurbishments, copper tube plate rivet tooling/caulking, and completion of the throat plate stays. On the tender a lot of work has been completed including cleaning down and painting the underside, refurbishment of spring and brake hangers, tyre turning, cleaning and painting the wheels, cleaning, painting and overhauling the axleboxes, and refurbishment of the brake cylinder. On the loco further stripping down work has been done.


Completed row of patch screws.


Tapping a stud hole on the left hand door plate patch. This is the final operation with the portable drill, with one set up we were able to centre drill, then drill, countersink and ream the hole before tapping for 7/8 inch patch screws.


The patch screws in place, the hexagons were removed once the screws were fully tightened.


New smoke box door and front ring.


New smoke door after riveting on the hinge straps and the centre boss.


New smoke box wrapper with the front ring trial fitted.


Refurbished mudhole door.


The new chimney, blower ring and petticoat pipe.


Refurbished tender brake cylinder.


Tender wheel set.


Tender axleboxes.

News update January 2009

During the week ending Friday 23rd January 2857’s tender was lifted and the wheel sets removed marking the start of the loco’s mechanical overhaul.

2857 tender

The tender sitting on the jacks at Bridgnorth, note the intermediate buffers sat on top of the drag box and the broken buffer spring, new springs were acquired some time ago.


The first wheels set in the lathe ready for tyre turning.


Worn tyre profile.

Meanwhile in the boiler shop the front tube plate has been riveted in and further work done on the door plate patches.


The front tube plate with all rivets in place.


With the boiler on its side the left hand door plate patch has been welded to the side plate in order to secure it for final fitting. Note 43106’s boiler in the background.


Final fitting involves further heating but working on small areas to close the patch down to the existing platework.


With an area red hot impact engineering follows.


Members of the team inspecting the work at the end of the day.

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