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Locomotive Parts

Loco Casting
For castings of blower/ejector ring, 30” dia loco vacuum brake cylinder, 10” piston valve liner (short lap type) please contact the SVR loco department at Bridgnorth, who have the pattern equipment.

Petticoat Pipe/Chimney Bell

Petticoat Pipe/Chimney Bell
28/38XX, 42/52/72XX, 53/73XX, Hall, Modified Hall, Grange, Star, Saint, single chimney Castle and single chimney King. Supplied in finished condition except requiring drilling of fixing bolt holes. We are re-establishing contact with the supplier with a view to producing a batch in the near future

Cab Side Number plates
Our pattern for full size GWR cab side number plates may be available for hire with the correct numbers for your locomotive. The pattern is suitable for casting number plates in brass, cast iron or aluminium.


Please contact the 2857 Society for further details on specifications, dimensions, delivery etc

Page updated: 28 April, 2009


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