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Photos 1981-1985

Further photos of 2857's overhaul during 1981-1985. All photos by Simon Marshall.

2857 - click to open larger image   A view of the state of progress on the engine on 16th July 1983, just after fitting the new valve liners. By this stage we had turned the corner in the restoration project and were rebuilding as opposed to dismantling.
2857 - click to open larger image   Steve Brown (left) of BOC Cryospeed and Steve Whittaker lift the first valve liner from the container of liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees C ready for fitting into the replacement cylinder block from Briton Ferry Steelworks, on 16th July 1983.
2857 - click to open larger image   Using a spare boiler tube as a support Paul Burns (left) and Henry Edwards manoeuvre the frozen valve liner into position in the right hand front valve chest during the re-lining operation on 16th July 1983.
2857 - click to open larger image   There was no room for malingerers in the 28 Team as work continued at a cracking pace through the winter of 1984-5, thanks partly to the construction of the roof seen to good effect in this picture taken on 10th February 1985.
2857 - click to open larger image   Early in 1985 consideration was given to the fitting of a copper-capped chimney, appropriate to early members of the class when first built. One believed to be from a 'Grange' 4-6-0, was bought by the Society and restored for use, and is seen here on arrival at Bridgnorth in the back of Steve Whittaker's Vauxhall Astra estate. In the end it was decided to retain the original plain cast iron chimney. Not long after this picture was taken one of the car's rear springs was found to have broken...
2857 - click to open larger image   With the overhauled boiler back in the frames work was well under way with the painting, while the mechanical teams are busy re-assembling the brake rigging in this scene on 28th April 1985. Note the temporary addition of the copper capped chimney.
2857 - click to open larger image   The regulator was opened for the first time after the main restoration on 18th August 1985, and the moment is captured in this picture taken at Bewdley. By this time we had been invited to take part in a railway freight exhibition in Newport, South Wales the following month, so it was a mad rush to complete the painting and other details before departure.
2857 - click to open larger image   After all the euphoria of 2857's return to steam sundry small engineering tasks were completed over the winter of 1985-6. Here, with the front valve covers removed and a temporary measuring bar fitted in place, Steve Whittaker is taking measurements of valve movements on 22nd February 1986, ready for adjusting the valve setting.

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