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A series of images by Simon Marshall of 2857 in service both on and off the SVR, 1985-1994.

In front of a crowd of photographers clinging to the cliff above the bridge over the River Wye at Chepstow 2857 performs effortlessly returning the rake of restored goods wagons from Newport to the SVR in the evening of 10th September 1985. One thoughtless gricer dismissing the volunteers who had earned a place in the brake van as 'hangers on' had probably best remain anonymous. By now, visitors to this website should be only too well aware of the work and dedication involved in restoring a steam locomotive - the only 'hangers on' are those gricers who take their pictures and give nothing in return.

During the SVR Gala Weekend on 28th September 1985, soon after returning from Newport, 2857 accelerates a demonstration goods train away from the speed restriction south of Borle Viaduct.

Running tender first, 2857 rolls her demonstration goods train past Trimpley Reservoirs before slowing for Victoria Bridge on 28th September 1985.

On 16th July 1989 2857 crosses Victoria Bridge at the head of the SVR dining train. This picture was not taken without some cost. Balancing on some slippery rocks in the middle of the river the photographer promptly fell in shortly after pressing the shutter!

The 2857 Society's heavy freight sprinter unit in action near Trimpley Reservoir on 15th September 1991.

In 1992, 2857 was lent to the Gloucester & Warwickshire Railway for the main season and is seen here exposing some rather questionable firing techniques while leaving Greet Tunnel on 16th August 1992.

Over the winter of 1991-2 the engine was repainted in BR black livery and she is seen here on one of her first workings in this new guise, emerging from Bewdley Tunnel on 21st March 1993.

Strictly speaking 2857 can only be displayed authentically in BR black livery as in fact she did not receive the outside steam pipes, from the smokebox to the cylinders, until after nationalisation. She is seen here at Sterns on 21st March 1993.

In August 1993 the engine was lent to the East Lancashire Railway, and she is seen here accelerating her train away from Irwell Vale Halt on 26th August 1993.

A special goods train was organised to celebrate the end of 2857's ten-year boiler certificate and some carefully illuminated scenes were created in Bewdley Station in the evening of 30th December 1994, after which there was no further work until the certificate expired on 23rd February 1995.

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