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Photos 1984-2003

Further photos of 2857's ongoing overhaul, 1994-2003. All photos by Simon Marshall.

2857   Once dismantling began the corrosion under the footplate was found to be quite severe. This is the state of affairs on 8th November 1998, before this whole area was rebuilt.
2857   The scene at Bewdley on 6th February 1999, with the original cab and footplate stripped off and the loco vacuum brake cylinder removed.



The original cab roof was life expired and the new replacement is being riveted up at Bewdley on 3rd May 1999 by Blurr-Hammer Bradshaw.
2857   The new front dragbox and bufferbeam assembly bolted in position on the front of the engine at Bridgnorth on 27th September 2003. The new dragbox parts can readily be identified by the bright galvanised finish adopted to reduce future corrosion of these parts.
2857   The 1985 hopper ashpan awaiting replacement. It was made in 12mm plate in an effort to reduce distortion, but in practice distorted as badly as anything known to man and was then twice as difficult to rectify. The bottom of each of the two hoppers were originally flat, while the lower sides were wrinkle free. Other hopper ashpan designers beware!

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